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Visit: Pure Physiotherapy, 4 Hoyland Road, Hoyland Common, Barnsley, S74 0LY

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You Physiotherapy Clinic in Hoyland

At Hoyland clinic, we provide personalised musculoskeletal physiotherapy services by a team of highly qualified physiotherapists.

Every patient receives a thorough and comprehensive assessment, with subsequent provision of appropriate interventions including:

  • expert advice
  • rehabilitation
  • massage
  • acupuncture
  • joint mobilisations
  • exercise prescription.

Physiotherapists provide you with expert management of a wide range of conditions, including (but not limited to):

  • sciatica
  • pelvic health
  • neck, back and joint pain
  • sports injuries
  • post-operative rehabilitation
  • running related injuries
  • knee and foot pain
  • ongoing musculoskeletal conditions
  • and much more!
Check availability at this clinic and book online now!

What to expect at your appointment

Welcome to Hoyland Physiotherapy! Before your appointment, it might be sensible to put on some clothing that makes it easier for our physiotherapist to assess you (e.g. some shorts if it’s your knee or ankle!). If you’re driving, please park in one of the spaces on-site, there’s plenty of room.

Let yourself in the front door, we have wheelchair access if needed. One of our reception team is likely to greet you and will invite you to take a seat in our cosy waiting area. If reception is unattended, simply grab a seat; your Physiotherapist knows you are here and will be with you shortly.

During your appointment, you can expect to receive a comprehensive, thorough assessment of your problem. We listen actively to your concerns and work collaboratively with you to make a plan for how to move forward. Your bespoke management plan could include; expert advice, exercise programme prescription, massage, acupuncture, joint mobilisations and much, much more!

Fundamentally, our main aim is to guide you through overcoming your injury and/or pain and getting you back to the things that you love doing – whether that is scooping your grandchild up to give them a hug, or completing that Iron Man event later in the year! Whatever your goal, Pure Physiotherapy is here to help.

How much is an appointment?

An initial assessment is £45 and a subsequent physiotherapy session is £40

If you are an employee of Sheffield University, please call our team on 0114 213 4050 for discounted rates

What does a physiotherapy session include?

Our expert Physiotherapists will ask a series of succinct yet detailed questions in order to gain a complete understanding of your condition. The physiotherapist will then conduct a thorough physical assessment of any relevant anatomical structures that may be contributing to your condition.

This allows the physiotherapist to accurately diagnose and manage your issue. Once a diagnosis has been reached, you will be provided with appropriate, expert advice plus a bespoke exercise programme.

Depending on the specific condition the physiotherapist may also choose to use massage, joint mobilisations or manipulations, acupuncture or therapeutic taping to promote tissue wellness and ultimately facilitate the complete resolution of your condition.

Do you offer private massage?

Yes! Our Physiotherapists offer a wide range of manual treatment modalities – including massage, acupuncture, joint mobilisations and manipulations.

If you prefer a specific type of treatment and wish to receive this during your session – please state this explicitly at the time of booking; we will happily find a clinician who is able to meet your needs.

How long will it take to get better?

If our Physios had a penny for every time they were asked this question…

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer. Every condition or injury, soft tissue, joint, ligament, muscle and person(!) has its own unique timeframe for feeling ‘better’.

Our best advice is to seek expert support; have the area comprehensively assessed, speak to an experienced clinician and discuss your goals – we can guarantee you, you’ll get back to your goals quicker with a physiotherapist on your team than without.

What exercise should I be doing?

Exercise therapy or rehabilitation is the cornerstone treatment modality for our Physiotherapists at Hoyland. Movement is the best medicine!

Every patient who attends an appointment with one of our expert staff can expect to receive a comprehensive, tailored exercise programme. These exercises will be bespoke and specific to your needs; from a shoulder injury you picked up playing tennis to that back pain that’s been grumbling in the background for months… your exercises will be unique and specific to you and your goals.

What is physiotherapy doesn't fix my problems?

Our Physiotherapists are experts in their field. They have a wealth of musculoskeletal knowledge, so they’re competent in identifying when a condition may need surgical or specialist care.

Each of our Physios are very well connected with local private and NHS specialists and will appropriately and promptly refer patients into these pathways should they need investigations or an orthopaedic opinion.

How long are the appointments?

Physiotherapy appointments are between 20-60 minutes depending on the appointment type; the admin team can confirm this at the time of booking.

How long do I have to wait for a physiotherapy appointment?

We aim to accommodate patients as soon as possible, however, popular times can book up quickly. If you are flexible on timings, we can often find an appointment within a few days. Take a look at our online bookings for live availability.

Check availability at this clinic and book online now!

Pure Sport, for all Athletes

From walkers and community footballers to professional athletes and world-class golfers, Pure Sports is an elite-level physiotherapy service to support your rehabilitation and improve your performance.

Pure Sports Physiotherapists use state-of-the-art technology and have years of experience treating professional athletes. With appointments tailored to your specific sporting activity, goals and conditions, every session is bespoke to your journey of recovery or performance optimisation.

Services at our Hoyland clinic include:

Sports Physiotherapy Assessment
Initial Assessment (45 minutes) including treatment: £55
Follow-up sessions, tailored to you with bespoke plans and timing: £50

Sports Performance Screening (Adult and Adolescent)
Performance Screening (2 hours): £140
Performance delivery programme (45 minutes): £45
Assess the attributes you need to focus on for your sporting endeavours, with a tailored performance plan. This starts with a specialist screening and continues with your development plan.

Sports Massage
Assessment of 45 minutes: £45
Treatment for 30 minutes: £35
Relieve tension and stress from training to assist your recovery and leave you ready for the next training session.

Strength and Conditioning
Physio-led personal training (45 minutes): £45
Physio-led strength and conditioning session (45 minutes): £45
Using your training history, objectives and elite assessment equipment, we develop a bespoke plan to improve your performance.


Getting Here via Car

Visiting our Barnsley Hoyland Common physiotherapy clinic.

Getting here via car

Please use postcode S74 0LY in your sat-nav to get driving directions to the clinic. Free car parking is available in the surrounding area.

When arriving for your first physiotherapy appointment please come straight into the clinic and take a seat in the waiting room. Your physiotherapist will call you through when its your allocated appointment time.

Meet the Team


Kane Humphrey, Yorkshire Clinics Lead & Specialist Sports Physiotherapsist

Specialisms: Sports Physiotherapy, Health and Fitness.

Kane qualified as a physiotherapist from Sheffield Hallam University with a distinction and now operates as the Yorkshire Clinics Lead for Pure Physiotherapy. He currently works with many types of injuries & conditions and enjoys working within the sports-specific services that we offer, seeing both elite athletes and the everyday athlete.

Kane is also a personal trainer at our clinics, as he believes it is important to stay fit and healthy. He has worked in women’s professional rugby and has also provided hands-on work with the Sheffield United first Team. Kane takes a particular interest in his continued development as he wants to be able to deliver the highest standard of care to all his patients and he one day hopes to pursue a PhD.


Navi Atholi, Specialist Sports Physiotherapist

Qualifications: BBT, MPT in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy.

Navi is passionate about sports rehabilitation having over 7 years of physiotherapy experience, after completing his masters in 2016. He has worked as a senior sports physiotherapist with the Indian basketball team and flew with them to China and Taiwan for international matches. He has also worked with county-level cricket teams, college football teams for four years, and Kabaddi teams in county-level tournaments.


Aishwarya Gundye, Specialist MSK Physiotherapist

Aishwarya has been working with Pure physio since 2022 and also helps support the NHS as a MSK physiotherapist. She has also completed her level 2 QCF in health and social care.

Aishwarya assess each patient individual as uses a wide range of techniques including manual therapy, soft tissue manipulation, taping, sports injury rehab, gym/weight lifting. She has worked with many different MSK conditions, Geriatric preventive rehab, volunteered in post-marathon rehab, pre/post operative, rheumatology, fracture and more.


Gavin Stephenson, Specialist MSK Physiotherapist

Gareth is a specialist musculoskeletal physio working in a range of clinical environments including private practice and primary care settings (GP surgeries). The variety of the role is what keeps the job interesting and exciting for him. Gareth loves being a Physiotherapist and prior to being a physio he was a personal trainer and rehab assistant at Doncaster Rugby League club. 

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