Sandy Hill Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy in Sandy Hill, St Austell

Call: 0800 989 0031


Visit: Pure Physiotherapy, 14 Sandy Hill, Saint Austell, PL25 3AT

Opening hours:

8am-8pm, Monday-Friday

8am-12pm, Saturday

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Your Physiotherapy Clinic in Sandy Hill

At Sandy Hill clinic in St Austell, we provide personalised musculoskeletal physiotherapy services by a team of highly qualified physiotherapists with over 100 years of combined experience!

Every patient receives a thorough and comprehensive assessment, with subsequent provision of appropriate interventions including:

  • expert advice
  • rehabilitation
  • massage
  • acupuncture
  • joint mobilisations
  • exercise prescription.

Physiotherapists provide you with expert management of a wide range of conditions, including (but not limited to):

  • sciatica
  • neck, back and joint pain
  • sports injuries
  • post-operative rehabilitation
  • running related injuries
  • knee and foot pain
  • ongoing musculoskeletal conditions
  • and much more!
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What to expect at your appointment

Welcome to Sandy Hill Physiotherapy! Before your appointment, it might be sensible to put on some clothing that makes it easier for our physiotherapist to assess you (e.g. some shorts if it’s your knee or ankle!). If you’re driving, please park up in one of the spaces on-site – there’s plenty of room.

Let yourself in the front door, we have wheelchair access if needed. One of our reception team is likely to greet you and will invite you to take a seat in our cosy waiting area. If reception is unattended, simply grab a chair; your Physiotherapist knows you are here and will be with you shortly.

During your appointment, you can expect to receive a comprehensive, thorough assessment of your problem. We listen actively to your concerns and work collaboratively with you to make a plan for how to move forward. Your bespoke management plan could include; expert advice, exercise programme prescription, massage, acupuncture, joint mobilisations and much, much more!

Fundamentally, our main aim is to guide you through overcoming your injury and/or pain and getting you back to the things that you love doing – whether that be scooping your grandchild up to give them a hug or completing that Iron Man event later in the year! Whatever your goal, Sandy Hill Physiotherapy is here to help.

How much does an appointment cost?

Initial assessments will cost £45, and follow-up sessions will be charged at £40

What does a Physiotherapy session include?

Our expert Physiotherapists will ask a series of succinct yet detailed questions in order to gain a complete understanding of your condition. The physiotherapist will then conduct a thorough physical assessment of any relevant anatomical structures that may be contributing to your condition.

This allows the physiotherapist to accurately diagnose and manage your issue. Once a diagnosis has been reached, you will be provided with appropriate, expert advice plus a bespoke exercise programme.

Depending on the specific condition the physiotherapist may also choose to use massage, joint mobilisations or manipulations, acupuncture or therapeutic taping to promote tissue wellness and ultimately facilitate the complete resolution of your condition.

Do you offer private massage?

Yes! Our Physiotherapists offer a wide range of manual treatment modalities – including massage, acupuncture, joint mobilisations and manipulations.

If you prefer a specific type of treatment and wish to receive this during your session – please state this explicitly at the time of booking; we will happily find a clinician who is able to meet your needs.

How long will it take to get better?

If our Physios had a penny for every time they were asked this question…

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer or algorithm for this. Every condition or injury, soft tissue, joint, ligament, muscle and person(!) has its own unique timeframe to feeling ‘better’.

Our best advice is to seek expert support; have the area comprehensively assessed, speak to an experienced clinician and discuss your goals – we can guarantee you, you’ll get back to your goals quicker with a physiotherapist on your team than without.

What exercise should I be doing?

Exercise therapy or rehabilitation is the cornerstone treatment modality for our Physiotherapists at Sandy Hill. Movement is the best medicine!

Every patient who attends an appointment with one of our expert staff can expect to receive a comprehensive, tailored exercise programme. These exercises will be bespoke and specific to your needs; from a shoulder injury you picked up playing tennis to that back pain that’s been grumbling in the background for months… your exercises will be unique and specific to you and your goals.

What if Physiotherapy doesn't fix my problem?

Our Physiotherapists are experts in their field. They have a wealth of musculoskeletal knowledge, so they’re competent in identifying when a condition may need surgical or specialist care.

Each of our Physios are very well connected with local private and NHS specialists and will appropriately and promptly refer patients into these pathways should they need investigations or an orthopaedic opinion.

How long are the appointments?

Physiotherapy appointments are between 20-60 minutes depending on the appointment type; the admin team can confirm this at the time of booking.

How long will I have to wait for a physiotherapy appointment?

We aim to accommodate patients as soon as possible, however, popular times can book up quickly. If you are flexible on timings, we can often find an appointment within a few days. Take a look at our online bookings for live availability.

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Directions to Sandy Hill Clinic

Bus stop opposite Sandy Hill Physiotherapy serves the buses 24S, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31. 

Sandy Hill Physiotherapy is also a 15-minute walk from St Austell Train station – walk north via Carlyon Road.

Sandy Hill can be found opposite the Sandy Hill Primary School just a few hundred metres down the road from the Aldi supermarket.   

Coming from St Blazy/Lostwithiel/Fowey/Par Westbound on A390: turn off the Holmbush Road roundabout and head towards St Austell on Victoria Road. Turn right on Clifdon Road and right again at the traffic lights for Sandy Hill. Sandy Hill Physiotherapy is about 200m down the road on the right.  

Coming from Bugle/Roche/Lanivet southbound on A391: Turn off the A391 at the Menear Road roundabout and head southbound on Menear Road for half a mile and turn right onto Sandy Hill; Sandy Hill Physiotherapy will be on your left.   

Coming from Truro/Grampound/Probus Eastbound on A390: turn off at the 1st exit at the Holmbush Road/Charlestown Roundabout and head towards St Austell on Victoria Road. Turn right on Clifdon Road and right again at the traffic lights for Sandy Hill. Sandy Hill Physiotherapy is about 200m down the road on the right. 

Meet the team


Bryony Short, Team Lead Physiotherapist & First Contact Physiotherapist

Qualifications: BSc Physiotherapy, MSc Advanced Clinical Reasoning & First Contact Practitioner within Primary Care, Acupuncture Qualified
Specialisms: Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Advanced Clinical Reasoning, First Contact Physiotherapist with Expert Assessment Skills. 

Bryony is an accomplished Team Lead Physiotherapist with a decade of experience managing musculoskeletal injuries. She is skilled in Injury Management and Prevention, Manual Therapy and Rehabilitation. She also has a refined set of advanced clinical reasoning skills which she exercises within her other role as a First Contact Physiotherapist.    

Bryony is a proactive and friendly Physiotherapist who goes above and beyond for her patients. She has excellent energy which she not only brings to her patient caseload but also to the CrossFit and Netball arenas!  


Rowena Beckly, Physiotherapist

Rowena qualified as a Physiotherapist from Addenbrookes’s Hospital, Cambridge in 1992. 

She has maintained an active involvement in postgraduate education and has also delivered undergraduate teaching in the past whilst in Oxford. Having grown up in Cornwall, Rowena moved back with her family in 2009. Since her return to Cornwall, she has worked as an MSK Physio within GP practices. During this time, she has continued to develop her portfolio of skills. In 2012 she qualified as an acupuncturist and then went on to take a Masters module in Joint Injection therapy from the University of Plymouth in 2021. 

Rowena has a wealth of experience and has developed a diverse skillset over her career which has enabled her to manage a broad variety of MSK problems. She is committed to providing an effective, high quality and holistic Physiotherapy service for her patients.


Laura Mavor-Hills. Physiotherapist

Qualifications: Bsc (hons) Physiotherapy. AACP Acupuncture. APPI Pilates including pregnancy and post-natal

Specialisms: Special interest in treating pelvic and hip conditions

Laura qualified as a physiotherapist at the University of the West of England, Bristol in 2009. She has worked in a variety of NHS and private clinical settings throughout Cornwall and the French Alps. Laura enjoys treating a wide range of conditions, although she has a special interest in conditions of the hip and pelvis, including pregnancy and post-natal issues. She is a keen sportsperson and likes to stay active in her spare time.


Doris Piotrowski, Senior Physiotherapist

Doris is a senior physiotherapist with over 35 years of experience and she loves being a physio! Over all these years, she has never stopped developing her skills and knowledge.

During her professional time as a Physiotherapist, Doris became interested in a more holistic view of the body’s function and its anatomy, and  studied Osteopathy and alternative approaches to help patients with their pain and physical problems. For a better understanding of the use and effect of medication, she studied to become an independent prescriber and joint injection therapist. Doris’ excitement about working with people and their needs and problems increased with a better understanding of the problem and a higher range of therapy techniques.

She loves wild swimming during the year and scuba diving. Living in Cornwall gives her the joy to live and work where people come for Holidays.


Julie Hurst, Physiotherapist

Julie has 30 years of experience in Physiotherapy, primarily in musculoskeletal (MSK) support, she also worked in Bristol running a busy outpatient department and attended many postgrad courses over the years.

Julie worked as one of the first clinical assistants to an Orthopaedic surgeon, in clinics assessing & liaising with GPs and injecting joints under supervision.

She then moved on to Evesham, where she continued her role in Physio outpatients and orthopaedics running clinics, and also set up the first in-house Physio service within the newly established GP fund holding practice.

From there she went on to set up her own private physiotherapy practice which she successfully ran for 10 years. During this time she trained in Craniosacral therapy at Upledger Institute, attending advanced training for treating adults and newborns.

Her skill continues in her manual techniques with effective assessment and treatment of; spinal pain, biomechanics and gait analysis, soft tissue and neural mobilisation.


Josh Pearce, Physiotherapist

Qualifications: BSc Physiotherapy, L3 Sports Massage Practitioner, L3 Personal Trainer

Specialisms: Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy; Rehabilitation; Strength and Conditioning; Exercise Prescription.

Josh graduated with a First Class Honours from The University of Plymouth and has experience working in MSK outpatient and orthopaedic settings, as well as in elite sport with professional rugby players. He has an array of treatment and rehabilitation skills that aid in the management of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries.

He has a wealth of experience in the field of strength & hypertrophy training, which has useful applications as he is able to transfer this knowledge base to improve the quality of care and rehabilitation of his patients. Josh is an approachable, welcoming Physiotherapist, with a relaxed energy that puts his patients at ease and always puts their needs first.


Jon Milner, Physiotherapist

Jon qualified in 2012 and over the past nine years has focused his skills working as a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist, working autonomously in a variety of different environments including outpatients, GP surgeries, fracture clinic, orthopaedic wards and also with two championship football teams.

Jon is passionate and thoroughly enjoys working with patients to manage their condition and improve quality of life. His biggest passion outside of work is surfing and climbing around Cornwall. 


Piri Bullen, Administrator

I’ve worked as a receptionist at Sandy Hill for over 22 years. Living in Cornwall means that I enjoy an outdoor life whenever possible, and enjoy running, kayaking around the coast, and walking the coast path and the moors. I also enjoy baking and ballroom dancing.


Rachel Biggs, Administrator

Hi, I’m Rachel single parent to two children been working in admin/reception for 24 years and in those 4 years as an office manager. In my spare time, I run a business and spend time walking the dog, drawing and painting. I’ve worked for the company 5 years this year.