Southampton Physiotherapy – Eastleigh

Southampton physio clinic - Eastleigh

Call: 023 8200 0385


Visit: Pure Physiotherapy, Spirit Health Club, Holiday Inn, Leigh Road, Eastleigh, SO50 9PG

Opening hours: 8am – 8pm

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Looking for physiotherapy in Eastleigh?

Our experienced physios in Eastleigh are available to help with any musculoskeletal problem you might have. Operating from our Leigh Road clinic, we’re in a great location in Eastleigh to make it easy for you to get the physiotherapy treatment you need.

Our friendly physiotherapists are able to help treat a range of complaints, such as a bad back, sore neck, muscle and joint pain, tennis elbow, sciatica, knee pain, hip problems, as well as many more conditions.

As one of the most experienced physio clinics in the Eastleigh area, our staff will quickly diagnose your issue and get you started on a treatment plan to help fix the issues that are causing you pain.

If you’re looking for a physio in Eastleigh, we can see you quickly and get you on the road to recovery. If you’re in pain, why wait?


What can the physios at the Eastleigh clinic treat?

Our team of qualified physiotherapists are very experienced in all MSK conditions. We regularly help patients with sore muscles and joints such as backs, knees, elbows, ankles and hips. We can also help with more complex conditions such as sciatica, repetitive strain disorder, post surgery pain and many more.


How much is an appointment?

Our initial physiotherapy assessment is £45 with follow-up appointments costing £40. Your physio will give you an indication at your assessment how many sessions they think you will need to treat your condition.

Many issues can be self-managed at home, so we will never prescribe unnecessary sessions, only what is needed to help you to get better.

How much is an appointment?

An initial assessment is £45 and a subsequent physiotherapy session is £40.

How long are the appointments?

Physiotherapy appointments are between 20-60 minutes depending on the appointment type; the admin team can confirm this at the time of booking.

How long will I have to wait for a physiotherapy appointment?

We aim to accommodate patients as soon as possible, however, popular times can book up quickly. If you are flexible on timings, we can often find an appointment within a few days. Take a look at our online bookings for live availability.

Check availability at this clinic and book online instantly

Getting Here

Visiting our Southampton clinic.

Getting here via car

Please use postcode SO50 9PG in your sat-nav to get driving directions to the clinic. Free car parking is available.

When arriving for your first physiotherapy appointment please come straight into the clinic and take a seat in the waiting room. Your physiotherapist will call you through when its your allocated appointment time.

Meet the team


Desiree Vaz, MSK Physiotherapist

Desiree is a MSK physiotherapist dedicated to helping individuals regain their strength, mobility, and freedom from pain. Her journey in this field has been fuelled by a passion for holistic healthcare, where Desiree believes in treating not just the symptoms but the person as a whole.

In Desiree’s practice, she specialises in manual therapy, exercise therapy, myofascial release and ergonomic advice. These techniques form the cornerstone of her approach to rehabilitation. Additionally, she often incorporates adjunct techniques like taping and acupuncture to complement the treatment process, ensuring a well-rounded and personalised care plan tailored to each individual’s needs.

Beyond the clinic, Desiree loves exploring cafes mainly for coffees, enjoys Zumba and playing badminton- keeping her physically active and energised.

What truly drives her practice is the belief in fostering a warm, welcoming environment. Desiree prioritises effective communication and strives to make each interaction with her patient friendly and comfortable. She strongly believes that healing involves more than just physical aspects; it encompasses emotional and mental well-being too.

Desiree’s goal is to create a space where individuals feel heard, understood, and supported throughout their rehabilitation journey.


Rahma Sajjad, MSK Physiotherapist

Rahma is an MSK physiotherapist and is determined to treat individuals to regain their pain free mobility and strength. So far her practice in this particular speciality has been driven by passion to treat anything she encounters while dealing with it holistically.

Her approach to physiotherapy derived rehabilitation lies in the specialised core skills of manual therapy, exercise therapy, and ergonomic advice.

Rahma also enjoys exploring vintage shops, bookstores and is in the process of mastering card tricks. She loves fitness and exercises regularly. 

It is the urge to solve that keeps Rahma wanting to continue building her expertise in the field of Physiotherapy. There is always a healthy challenge that keeps her mental pace and growth in balance which is the best part of her role and the part she enjoys the most.


Bryony Short, Clinics Team Lead (South & SW)

Specialisms: Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Advanced Clinical Reasoning, First Contact Physiotherapist with Expert Assessment Skills. 

BSc Physiotherapy, MSc Advanced Clinical Reasoning & First Contact Practitioner within Primary Care, Acupuncture Qualified

Bryony is an accomplished Team Lead Physiotherapist with a decade of experience managing musculoskeletal injuries. She is skilled in Injury Management and Prevention, Manual Therapy and Rehabilitation. She also has a refined set of advanced clinical reasoning skills which she exercises within her other role as a First Contact Physiotherapist.    

Bryony is a proactive and friendly Physiotherapist who goes above and beyond for her patients. She has excellent energy which she not only brings to her patient caseload but also to the CrossFit and Netball arenas!