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What is a FCP Service?

The first contact practitioner (FCP) service allows patients contacting their GP surgeries with musculoskeletal pain to be seen quickly by a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist. They will be able to quickly assess, diagnose and provide information on appropriate individualised rehabilitation and management.

Musculoskeletal FCPs form part of NHS England’s long-term plan to:

  • Reduce the burden on GPs for patients with MSK complaints.
  • Streamline the MSK pathway.
  • ‘Right person, right place, first time’.
  • Make it easier for patients to access specialist MSK knowledge and skills.

A Vital Role in Primary Care

Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions make up to a third of a GP’s caseload, and this number increases as patients get older. 85% of these patients do not need to see a GP and can be effectively managed by an experienced MSK clinician.

  • FCPs reduce pressure on primary care networks (PCNs) and frontline staff.
  • Patients have immediate access to expert MSK clinicians with full clinical governance.
  • Enhanced expertise, education and resources on MSK issues accessible for all PCN staff.

Why Choose Pure Physiotherapy?

Our Network

Confidence in Experience

Having provided first contact physiotherapy since 2016 (initially via a CCG trial) we consider ourselves to have great expertise in the delivery of this service. This depth of experience has allowed us to successfully partner with 50+ primary care networks. Currently, we work across 11 clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and provide FCP services for over 425+  GP practices covering over 3.4 million patients.

Our FCP Team

With over 88 FCP accredited physiotherapists, we recognise the importance of clinical governance and development. We have a robust introduction and training plan to ensure our high standards are maintained with impeccable consistency. Recognising the specific demands of the FCP role, we have developed an ongoing training programme to maintain competencies linked to the Health Education England (HEE) Roadmap.


Our Outcomes

Our average monthly data for patients using FCP:
12,279 total appointments
83% – self-managed without an onward referral
<5% – require input from GP*

*medical review, medication review, injection therapy or imaging request.

What Do We Provide Our PCN Partners?

  • A fully managed and hassle-free first contact physiotherapy service for PCNs in all your member practices, ensuring the highest standard of service.
  • Each month we collate the data from the FCP service and provide this data to you in an easy-to-read format. Including:
    • Referral levels – to give clarity on utilisation and ensure good diary management.
    • Referral sources – reception team/AHP/GP.
    • Age – guides our MSK training for all staff and the PCN/organisation.
    • Body area – provides insight into common problems and may assist with future prevention.
    • Referral per practice – ensures equitable usage across a PCN/organisation.
    • Number and destination of onward referrals into existing MSK pathway and secondary care.
  • MSK educational support (click here for more information).
    • Reviewed research published in a peer-reviewed journal and summarised key learning points.
    • Access to monthly evening lectures by external speakers on topics relevant to MSK primary.
    • Provide local training on any MSK-related topic as needed to the PCN staff via your local team of FCPs and national support.

What Is the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS)?

The Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) has been introduced by the NHS to support workforce planning within primary care.

The additional roles that fall under the ARRS are physiotherapists, clinical pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, physician associates, dieticians, podiatrists, occupational therapists, community paramedics, nursing associates and trainee nursing associates, social prescribing link workers, health care coordinators and health and wellbeing coaches.

Pure Physiotherapy has been involved in the delivery of first contact physiotherapists into the NHS for several years. Since the rollout of the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme, we have been working across the UK with the provision of expert first contact physiotherapists supporting primary care networks.

Physiotherapists working within primary care typically work as first contact practitioners, allowing patients to be directed to a musculoskeletal specialist in the first instance. This improves the pathway for patients and reducing pressure on other primary care for my staff.


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