Rehab Direct

Rehab Direct deliver exceptional standards of complex case management and rehabilitation. Their particular expertise is in pain management following personal injury or clinical negligence.

Their approach ensures they can create realistic expectations and manage a steady improvement in the quality of life, and a structured return to independence and full function. Rehabilitation plans are written with clear goals and objectives. These include anticipated timescales, costs and expected outcomes. Once the report has been approved and they have confirmation to proceed, they will work closely with the client to implement the recommendations.


Medical and Legal Admin Services

Medical and Legal Admin Services (MLAS) are an administrative, logistics service that enables the business growth of our expert community. In essence, they are there to support expert witnesses to become more efficient in delivering carefully considered, balanced reports whilst removing all daily interruptions.


Unity Health Group

Unity Health Group is a group of individual companies working together in synergy to provide high standards of care with our services. In an industry dominated by corporate goals, their innovative experts stand aside and put people at the heart of every decision they make.