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What We Do

Bespoke programmes to maximise recovery

Pure Physiotherapy

What Is The Covid Rehab Clinic?

We provide a personalised programme to help you recover from ongoing Covid-19 symptoms or get back to your previous level of fitness. To ensure you get the best recovery possible, we work alongside your GP and health professionals, including initial screening and outcome measures. Following this, we organise a planning session guided by your results and a catch-up session before an outcome session at 3 months.



Why Us?

We are specialist physiotherapists, patient-centred and evolve with the current research. We have staff sitting on the research review panels and part of the specialist interest groups for post Covid-19 rehabilitation, working with the most up-to-date evidence regarding treatment. This means we are continually reviewing our programmes to ensure we can provide the best possible care.










Our Approach

We have developed a programme to help you recover following Covid-19. Our programme is designed for both those with ongoing symptoms (“long Covid”) and those who have recovered but are just struggling to get back to pre-pandemic activity levels. The approaches are very different depending on each individual circumstance. Taking a tailored individual approach is required for the successful recovery of each and every patient.


Upon contacting us, we will send an initial electronic questionnaire, helping us identify the best pathway and any additional considerations. Following this, we organise an initial outcome appointment. This session would involve a number of tests – blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation and spirometry. We will take these measurements at rest and then after a minute sit to stand test to see how you are affected.  We then take them again 5 minutes after to look at how you recover.



Results & Treatment

Your physiotherapist will also spend time discussing your questionnaire and will write to your GP if we feel any further investigations are required. Covid-19 often requires a multidisciplinary approach and we do have links with dieticians, speech and language therapy, occupational therapists, and counsellors alongside medical specialists.

After this initial assessment appointment, you will be booked back in to start your programme. The content of this will be very different depending on your circumstances after Covid-19.

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