Preparing for a Session

How much does a session cost?

  • Initial assessment- from £45
  • Follow up sessions- from £40 
  • Home visits- POA 

How long are the appointments?

Between 20-60 minutes depending on the appointment type; the admin team can confirm this at the time of booking. 

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

We aim to accommodate patients as soon as possible, however, popular times can book up quickly. If you are flexible on timings, we can often find an appointment within a few days. Take a look at our online bookings for live availability.  

Do you have parking?

Our clinic section includes information on parking and directions for each clinic. Click here to get to our clinic section. 

Why have I been referred?

If we have received a referral for you, this is because your insurer or workplace (dependant on the cause for referral) believes physiotherapy may be of benefit. If you believe this to be incorrect, please let us know and we will respond to your referrer.  

Do I need a referral from my GP?

No. We work with GP referrals and direct private clients with no need for a referral.

Can you provide physiotherapy under my health insurance policy?

Yes. We are registered with the vast majority of private health insurance schemes. If you’re not sure, please ring us or your health insurance to check.

Do you do home visits?

We can carry out home visits where there is a specific clinical need. These are costed on a case by case basis as need to take into consideration time and travel required.  

Do you do evening and weekend appointments?

We are open from 8am-8pm during the week and on Saturday mornings. Evening and weekend appointments are very popular so often book up first.  

Do you provide sick notes for employers?

Physiotherapists can provide a “fit note” however, these are for guidance on amended work duties and employers do not have to accept them. They are not accepted for claiming sickness benefits or time off work.  

Are your physiotherapists regulated by the Health and Care Professionals Council?

Yes. All our physiotherapists are members of, and regulated by, the HCPC, giving you confidence in our professional regulations.

The Session

Can I bring a friend/family member?

Currently, due to COVID we have had to request that patients attend alone whenever possible. Usually, we are more than happy for you to bring someone with you to your appointment.

What should I wear?

If you can, wear clothing that enables easy access to the area of concern. This may be shorts for a leg injury or a strappy top for a female with a back problem. If you do not wish to remove/move clothing from the affected area, please ensure it is a thin material. 

Do I have to remove clothing?

At times we may need to see the area of concern, but any movement of clothing would be done with your consent.  

Do I need to bring a GP letter or MRI scan with me?

If you have results from tests or appointments available which are relevant to your current presentation, then please bring these with you, however, it is not a requirement. We do not require a GP referral for self-funded treatment however, some private medical insurers require a GP to have recommended physiotherapy treatment.  

What should I expect on my first visit?

Your physiotherapist will take a history of your problem. This will include gaining information on past medical problems, work, hobbies, general information.  Whilst some of this may seem irrelevant, it is important to build a holistic picture of your lifestyle and demands to tailor the treatment to your functional goals.  

The physio will then look at movement and tests relevant to your presentation to help guide them towards a diagnosis. They will discuss their findings with you and commence treatment. Home-based rehab may be provided to continue before your next session.  


How does virtual/remote physiotherapy work?

Virtual/remote physiotherapy is carried out over the phone or via video call. Our diary management software TM3 has an integrated video call system. When booked in for a remote session you would receive a link and access code on your booking email. Use this link to access your session, it becomes active 5 minutes before your session is due to start.  

How can you assess me over the phone?

A physiotherapist is trained to ask questions which can help identify injury/condition characteristics to work towards a diagnosis. They can also ask you to carry out movements or tests where you advise them of how this feels or if the instruction is achieved. A video assessment allows the physiotherapist to watch your movements.

Is coming for a physio appointment safe?

We are applying the virtual first response. Patients will be screened to ensure it is clinically safe to attend. We ask patients not to attend if exhibiting any COVID symptoms, and to adhere to our safety measures.  

What measures are in place?

Additional hand sanitiser has been installed. All physiotherapists are wearing PPE for appointments.   

Post Session

I’ve not been sent my exercises?

  • If you requested exercises via the post, please allow 5 working days before contacting us to allow time for them to arrive.  
  • You might find the email goes into your junk folder, please check and look for physiapp rather than pure physiotherapy.  
  • If you have not received your exercises, please drop us an email at info@purephysiotherapy.co.uk and we will resend you your exercises. 

Should I be worried about pain during exercises?

Some exercises can cause some discomfort, however, your physiotherapist should have advised you if the pain is expected by your programme. If you have any concerns drop us a message and we will pass this on to your physiotherapist.

I’ve been doing my exercises for 1 week, why am I not better?

Different injuries have different timescales for healing and response to treatment. Strength work often takes 4 or more weeks to see a notable change. Your physiotherapist should be able to guide you regarding expected timescales for healing or response to treatment.

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