Weight Management


Losing Weight

Weight gain happens when you eat or drink more calories than you burn (through your regular bodily functions and exercise). Weight loss in selected individuals can have a positive impact on various conditions including:

Physiotherapists are trained in this topic alongside the use of exercise prescription and can play an important role in supporting weight loss whilst optimising treatment outcomes. Any weight loss in an appropriate individual (those classified as overweight or obese) should be encouraged and applauded, but to establish a meaningful improvement, 5%-10% or higher of overall bodyweight would ensure a greater impact on pain and function. 


Am I a Healthy Weight?

A healthy weight varies depending on many factors such as your gender, age and height. The body mass index (BMI) is a quick measurement to see if you’re a healthy weight.

Click on the link below to use Patient’s BMI calculator.

Useful Resources

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Sometimes the weight loss journey can be hard by yourself, follow these links if you’re looking for some advice and/or support.