Medico-Legal Physiotherapy

What Is It?

Rapid access to the correct treatment following an accident will facilitate optimal recovery. Our reputation for quality has allowed us to become the preferred partner for a large number of local and national solicitors and intermediary companies. Patients typically do not need to pay for these services as the referring companies are billed directly.

We work with all major insurance companies and providers to enable rapid access to specialist physiotherapy input after someone has been involved in an accident. This can either be through telephone consultations and triage or face to face appointments. After having an accident, patients often feel stressed and anxious about the process. Our physio team understands this and will always aim to help the patient both physically and mentally.

Pure Physiotherapy has also been providing remote physiotherapy support (telephone and app-based) for patients for over 6 years. We deliver approximately 7,000 remote consultations per month with both the private sector and the NHS.









What We Offer

We very much value our working relationships within the medico-legal field and we strive to maintain our own high standards of in-house performance and response times which meet and exceed nearly all performance indicators, including:


Patient Satisfaction

Our own internal research shows that 97% of the recipients questioned would recommend our remote rehabilitation service to friends and family.

In 2016, a study commissioned the University of Northumbria to carry out a retrospective, multi-centre study of EQ5D outcomes for more than 4,000 NHS patients receiving physiotherapy treatment via remote means. Telephone-based physiotherapy was part of the pathway for the majority of patients included in that study. The results demonstrated 68% of patients have significant quality of life improvement after a course of remote physio.

Evidence Based

In 2016, The Medical Research Council (MRC) funded a telephone-based RCT, with a total of 2252 patients that compared this approach with usual physiotherapy care. The conclusion was the telephone-based service was broadly acceptable to participants since it provided faster access to physiotherapy advice for their MSK conditions. Participants felt that it is best placed as one method of accessing physiotherapy services complementing traditional face-to-face physiotherapy assessment and treatment. Our experience is reflected in this research and a combined remote and local face-to-face service is always our preference when looking at providing remote MSK care.

It’s not only good for patients, it’s also good for the commissioners of our services. Telephone physio is a triage/advice and education service and more. Combined with clinic-based physiotherapy, this is arguably the best form of “early access physiotherapy for MSK problems – assessment and advice by an experienced physiotherapist to allow the patient to get the right advice and treatment as early as possible. Pure Physiotherapy’s remote MSK management has proven to be a successful model and we will continue to enhance this service, including online applications, giving patients even more choice and convenience in how they access physiotherapy services and other resources to support self-care and management of long-term MSK health.

There is no evidence that injuries, such as whiplash, cause any long-term problems. However, often patients have to wait a number of weeks or months before they receive any physiotherapy input which can mean their symptoms can go on for longer and return to work and other activities can be delayed. We provide expert assessments and reports immediately after outlining treatment plans and goals and any recommendations regarding return to work or any adjustments or modifications that may need to be made. We also carry out fitness for work assessments, workstation assessments, community access visits and expert reports for patients who have had an accident.

If you would like to discuss working with Pure Physiotherapy or are a patient who has been involved in an accident and would like to see or speak to a physiotherapist, please contact us.