Physiotherapy Placement at Pure

Reaching the halfway point in physiotherapy placement is usually the time students tend to take more responsibility in their role. Some find this part of the process daunting and nerve-racking but one of our students on a Norwich physiotherapy placement has put together their top tips for getting past these initial nerves.

‘Having nerves is normal and it is a good thing in my opinion. It means that you care and you desire to stand out and excel in what you are doing.’

So, how do we combat it?

Set a goal
‘Agree with your tutor on something small you want to achieve during the assessment. Whether it is face-to-face or telephone appointments, your educator will always support you throughout. Soon enough you will be flying through a full physio assessment solo. Set those goals and work hard on them!’

Reflect on what you have achieved
‘Keep a log as you go. Look back over this regularly and reflect on the good and how you have improved over the weeks. Remember to record the things you found harder than others and elements you found easier, then make a plan to combat any issues.’

Cut yourself some slack
‘Remember that you are a student physio and you are there to learn. Reminding myself this when I struggle makes me realise that I am here to learn about physiotherapy and that making mistakes and learning from them is a good thing.’

Vocalise the way you are feeling
‘Being thrown into the deep end is scary in the physiotherapy environment. I found after speaking through feelings towards the situation and being reminded that I was in a safe space enabled me to complete any aspects of my physio placement.’

Create a structure
Having a structure and creating notes for your subjective and objective assessments ensures that you don’t miss anything out and you will be able to methodically work through the different elements. It is a great way of reminding yourself of all aspects of your physio placement and a way of ensuring you don’t miss any details.

Remember, it is good to be nervous, but don’t let fear overwhelm you. Be willing to learn and to make mistakes. Physiotherapy is all about assisting your patient’s recovery and over time on your placement the more you practice you will find that those nerves are easier to control and you are a whole lot more confident going into each assessment.’


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