New Self-Help App – Press Release

Pure Physiotherapy Launches Self-Help App

The self-help app was designed to provide assistance, advice and information on musculoskeletal-related conditions available on both the Google Play and Apple stores. The aim of the new app is to provide a more accessible, convenient form of physiotherapy support and information for patients and the general public when they need it.

Mirroring Pure Physiotherapy website’s interactive self-help tool, the app provides an in-depth library of conditions listed under each relative body part to help with possible diagnosis, further information and exercise rehabilitation plans. Each condition and rehabilitation plan has been written, referenced and researched by our specialist physiotherapists, then developed within the design team to provide an easy-to-use mobile app ensuring optimal patient and user experience.

Pure Physiotherapy’s director explains that “since the launch of the new website the team have been working behind the scenes to develop and create an Android and iPhone friendly, free app. This is an evidence-based resource to help patients with some of the more common musculoskeletal issues that patients present with”. Expressing his gratitude the director went on to further comment; “I’m very proud of the team that has been involved in the app creation process. We aim to continue to develop and update the conditions, keeping the app up to date based on current research”.

You can download the app following the links below:

The App Store- Pure Physio on the App Store (

Google Play- Pure Physiotherapy – Apps on Google Play