Cardiovascular & Respiratory Changes


Skin Changes

Musculoskeletal Changes

  • It is a myth that you should not exercise in pregnancy, unless you have been told not to by a medical professional.
  • Postural changes in pregnancy include exaggerated lordosis of the lower back, forward flexion of the neck and downward movement of the shoulders.
  • To adjust your posture try repositioning tucking the bottom under soften the knees and draw on the pelvic floor and lower abdominals.
  • Exercise balls can be a good way to perform gentle mobility movements of the pelvis.
  • Pelvic floor exercises can be started straight away and are key to maintaining strength as the baby grows for more information on this please visit our website.
  • Swimming is a great way to exercise whilst pregnant, it allows you to offload the weight of a baby.

Pacing Activities



Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and most women do not have any problems at all.