Let’s stand!

Do you find that the majority of your day is spent sitting? Whether that be sitting in a chair in the comfort of your own home or sat at a chair in front of a computer at work or driving a car for a living. Recent research shows that people have higher rates of diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease when sitting for long periods of time. And this still applies to people who are not overweight. Sedentary behaviour is also being linked with low mood. Why not try and break up your sitting time to help combat the effects? Not only will breaking up sedentary behaviour benefit your health but may also ease back pain associated with sitting for long periods.

Here are some of my top tips!

  • Set a reminder to complete 75 steps an hour, and if you haven’t managed it have an alarm that gently reminds you to do so!
  • Why not try standing for the first 15 minutes of your meeting.
  • Constantly on the phone? Get a wireless headset and take every other call stood up.