Lower Back Pain Myths 3 – Is Movement Causing More Damage?

“I must be causing more damage by moving my back because it hurts when I bend”. This is typically not the case. As outlined in previous blogs in the series, pain is our perception of potential damage yet what we know is that these movements such as bending aren’t dangerous despite pain/discomfort being experienced. Our spines are built to remain robust throughout a significant range of movement with a vast network of ligaments ensuring stability; gymnasts are a fine example of how much range we are capable of with consistent and targeted mobility. Prior to experiencing discomfort in the lower back, you usually wouldn’t think twice about bending to pick something up which is another indication that it is a normal function. Yet, when we develop pain during these types of movements – coupled with the preconception that pain = damage, you may begin to avoid bending/moving into that painful range.

By no means are we trying to downplay pain because we all fully empathise with the degree of discomfort that you could be living with. The purpose of this blog is to offer reassurance, provide the correct information, which is usually contrary to common thinking, and, empower you to take charge of your symptoms. These concepts are at the core of the services we offer at Pure Physiotherapy, our clinicians will give you information on your issue in a way you can understand so that you are aware of the issue and can then have a great insight in to how you can help improve your mobility and reduce pain.

Too often people visit clinics detailing what they can’t do. At Pure Physiotherapy we aim to change this mentality and focus on the things that you CAN do and adjust to the limitations that may temporarily exist. We are all anatomically made up in different ways so why try to do things that other people may be more suited to perform based on their bone structure and soft tissue extensibility…. if you can only squat to chair height, THAT’S FINE… if you can only touch your knees when you bend forward, THAT’S FINE… if you can only carry a small shopping bag, *drum roll* – THAT’S FINE! Just remember this is what YOU’RE capable of now but that can all be changed, and you can develop your strength, mobility and flexibility with time and at Pure Physiotherapy, we can help support and guide you in this process.