New Website – Press Release

Pure Physiotherapy Launch New Website

Sheffield, England: June 2020

Pure Physiotherapy has launched a new website specifically designed to maximise the ease of use for the general public and patients looking to learn more about physiotherapy and possible conditions they may be experiencing. Furthermore, the site provides insights into current research for professionals in the industry and information on the company’s FCP services.

A key feature of the site is the Self Help Tool, an interactive avatar that allows the user to click on the section of the body that is causing them discomfort. Each condition page is uniquely designed for ease of use and to allow first contact practitioners to talk patients through conditions during a telephone consultation. This includes short answers to frequently asked questions and a more in-depth discussion for those wanting to learn more.

Each condition contains physiotherapist-approved, easy-to-read rehabilitation plans for people to do at home once discussed with their physiotherapist. These include easy, intermediate and advanced plans, with step-by-step descriptions and photos for ease of use.

The director of the company proudly commented “since Pure Physiotherapy’s creation in 2008, we have always sort to innovate and develop our team and services to provide the very highest quality care. Our new website is testimony to this with a new “Self-Help” section allowing us to help as many people as possible enjoy the best physical health and function possible. New online booking and improved options for getting in touch with the clinics has also been a great step forward. I feel very proud to be part of the Pure Physiotherapy team and the amazing things that are coming this summer”.